Action Nodes

Action Nodes launch Actions in a scenario.

Using Action Nodes allows the creator to define Actions that will take place within a given Scenario.

  • Canvas State: Enable or disable a Canvas within a given scenario. 
  • Set Value: Set a new value to an existing value in the scenario.

There are two broad Action subcategories:

Media Nodes

Media Nodes control how Media assets applied to a Scenario. 

  • Play Media: Plays the media file.
  • Stop Media: Stops the media file that's playing.

Animation Nodes

Animation Nodes allow for asset animations to take place within a Scenario.

  • Play Animation: Plays the asset animation.
  • Stop Animation: Stops the asset animation.
  • Transform: Transforms the asset based on its position, rotation, and scale.
  • Follow PathCreates paths for your assets to follow. 


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