Basecamp ⛺️

Honey… I’m hoooome! ⛺️

Understanding Your Basecamp

Your Basecamp functions like your home base.

Whenever you launch a new StellarX session, you'll always begin in your Basecamp. From there you can access all of your existing Spaces, and even create a new one. Manage your Spaces whenever you'd like, and access Space details such as the author, creation date, along with any updates.

Your Basecamp also allows you to transition from one reality to another, from one Space to another, and functions like your home. Before selecting a Space, you can decide whether you want to Play or Create!


Returning to Your Basecamp

Whenever you Create, you can access your Basecamp via the Control Panel navigation bar or on your StellarX watch. Once inside your Base Camp, select whatever it is you’d like to do and you’ll be well on your way!  Oh, the places you'll go! 🎈


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🌟🖥️ You can also watch the tutorial of the Basecamp here!