Behavior Nodes

Behavior Nodes enable certain asset behaviors in a scenario.

Behavior Nodes allow for specific behaviors to take place within a given Scenario. Below is a list of the all the Behavior Nodes available:

  • Set as Tool: Turn any 3D asset into a Tool. Once the asset is transformed into a Tool, when Grabbed it will be snapped to the hand.
  • Snap: Allows for assets to be snapped to one another.
  • Unsnap: Allows for assets to be unsnapped from one another.
  • Glow: Allows assets to be glowed within a Scenario.
  • Show / Hide: Allows for assets to be shown or hidden within a Scenario.
  • Particles: Allows to incorporate Fire, Flame Stream, Smoke and Water Shower


Particle Nodes 

  • Start Emission: Plays the particle
  • Stop Emission: Stops the particle



🌟πŸ–₯️ You can watch a tutorial that includes the Snap Node here!


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