Experience Assets πŸ“

To be... or not to be... an asset. πŸ˜‚

Understanding Experience Assets.

Experience Assets are used to enhance and augment Experiences. 

Unlike other assets in your Collections, Experience Assets are unique in their form and function. At first glance, they may look like typical 3D assets, however, their experiential properties empower Creators to design immersive skill-building Experiences that are clear, coherent, and consistent from end-to-end. In short, Experience Assets serve to augment immersive experiences by synching and linking the people, places, and things found within your Space in a logical and pedagogically beneficial manner. 

Experience Assets have been carefully crafted in such a way that their visual representations embody their interactive and dynamic nature in Space. We did this to facilitate the creative process and propose a creation flow that can be executed with ease while being fully immersed. Therefore, just like any other asset, Experience Assets can be placed inside your Space and function as an experiential cue for Players.

As demonstrated below, you can place a Start Point within your custom experience to determine where the Player will be positioned upon launching your creation. 

HubSpot Video

Other examples might involve placing a Trigger Zone to offset specific behaviour in a given place and at a specific time, placing Teleportation Points in your Space, or perhaps even setting a Timer to challenge Players as they learn. With little to no effort, you can bring immersive skill-building to life with the authentic learning and evaluation situations for your team. 

You see, Experience Assets are key, and they're there to make your life easy!   


Types of Experience Assets