Eye Gaze πŸ‘€

I can see it in your eyes! πŸ‘€

Understanding Eye Gaze

Eye gaze allows you to interact with Space and assets.

Eye gaze is an input and interaction method that allows you to interact with StellarX Spaces and assets using your regard. Naturally, your eye gaze focuses on specific visual targets, which, when paired with tracking mechanisms and your headpose, as in StellarX, can allow you to interact virtually just by looking.

Why use gaze-based interactions?

Using gaze-based interactions is highly beneficial in that it allows you to interact naturally in a manner that is significantly faster and effortless. In fact, given the intuitive nature of this input and interaction method, eye gaze implicitly reflects intent long before a person can physically act upon it or react. In other words, eye gaze provides a multitude of complementary contextual cues relating to human intent and emotional state.