Help πŸ”΅

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Press the Help button whenever you need assistance creating or playing.

Contextually adapted immersive tutorials to help you understand StellarX. 

When you Play or Create, press the blue Help button to access the immersive tutorials to better understand how you can navigate StellarX Spaces and make your StellarX experience a breeze!

Plus, whenever you press on the Help button you'll notice hints, in the form of labels, appear above the virtual controllers to help you identify where you need to interact to perform various Actions. 

⭐️ Be sure to read up on the Actions and Shortcuts to make the most of StellarX functionalities. 

How to get Help

To access immersive tutorials, press on the Help button located above your controller trackpad.

On your virtual controller, you'll notice the button is blue-colored, so that you can easily find it. Look below for an example: 

Once you press on the Help button, a viewing panel will appear, which you can Grab and place anywhere in your Space.

To watch the tutorial videos, simply select your topic of choice in the side panel menu or press on the video player buttons located below the screen. 

⭐️ To help you get familiar with StellarX, place the viewing panel next to you in your Space and put your new knowledge into practice while the video loop replays.

⭐️ Keep in mind that the videos depend on the Experience at hand. In other words, you won't have access to the same videos when you Create and when you Play.