Understanding your HTC VIVE and HTC VIVE Pro devices

Pairing your HTC VIVE and HTV VIVE Pro to StellarX

To pair your HTC VIVE or HTC VIVE Pro device, simply follow the recommended set up instructions, and StellarX will detect the make and model of your Virtual Reality hardware. For extra information and specifications about your VR hardware, you can refer to the official HTC VIVE documentation.

HTC VIVE and HTC VIVE Pro Controller Mapping

Because VR devices vary from brand to brand, StellarX functionalities may be mapped differently to adapt to the make and model of your Virtual Reality gear. Here's how StellarX functionalities have been mapped to your HTC VIVE and HTC VIVE Pro controller.

​Using Physical Controllers to Navigate StellarX πŸ•΄πŸ»

Whether you Create or Play, your physical controllers refer to the actual hardware you're using to control your movements and navigate StellarX Spaces.

Below is a list of locomotion and navigation basics specific to StellarX. Simply click on the link for additional information and further clarification. 

  • Teleport [ Point + Press Controller: Trackpad ]
  • Push & Pull [ Controller: Trigger + Gesture: Push & Pull ] 
  • Scale [ Controller: Trigger A + Trigger B ]


Using Virtual Controllers to Create and Play 🎨 🧸

In many ways, virtual controllers function like an extension to your physical controllers by combining hardware interactions to human interaction and input methods, which empower you with various Actions and functionalities depending on your desired StellarX Experience.

Using your virtual controllers to Create 🎨

When you Create, your virtual controller will be equipped with a Control Panel. The Control Panel gives you access to useful Actions designed specifically to facilitate your immersive creative process. Below is a list of basic Actions you'll have access to when you Create.


  • Grab [ Collide asset and Virtual Controller + Controller: Trigger ]
  • Distance [ Select asset + Controller: Trackpad: Up / Down ] 
  • Rotate [ Select asset + Controller: Trackpad: Right / Left ]
  • Resize [ Select asset + Controller: Grip + Gesture: Outwards / Inwards ]

Clone [ Hover asset + Trigger ]
Remove [ Hover + Trigger ] 


⭐️ To make your Create Experience more accessible, you can also use Quick Actions, which allow you to perform Actions even faster!

Quick Actions you can access using your trackpad include:

Using your virtual controllers to Play πŸ€ΉπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

When you Play, your virtual controllers will be stripped to bare essentials so that you can enjoy--no strings attached. Use the following Action to interact with assets in your Space. 

  • Grab [ Collide asset and Virtual Controller + Controller: Trigger ]


Help Button πŸ”΅

Whether you Create or Play, you can always press the Help button to access immersive tutorials via the viewing panel. Simply press on the blue-colored button on your virtual controller, which is mapped to the physical button located above the HTC Vive controller trackpad.

⭐️ For more information, check out the Help Button article