Identify πŸ”–

Can I please see your legal ID? 🎫 

Identify allows StellarX Enterprise users to Identify assets in Space with Identifiers.

When you Create or Play, you can Identify any Identifiable assets with Identifiers using your headpose to point the laser and/or the controller touchpad or joystick to hover and select.  

Assets with Identifiable properties can be Identified in various ways depending on the context as well as the experiential Identifier used. 

What are Identifiers?

Identifiers are context-specific icons that can be applied to Identifiable assets. In short, Identifiers are used to bring awareness to something specific in Space. 

Below is a list of available Identifiers:

  • Check βœ…
  • Cross ❌
  • More coming soon...

Plus, Identifiers may be used to create a Scenario that requires the Player to correctly Identify the items placed in the Space by the creator. For example, if you're challenged to a fun scavenger hunt that involves identifying specific assets in Space, you can use the Check Identifier to show that you've successfully found the items on the list. 

⭐️ To create a Scenario that involves identifications, you can use the Identifier Node and Validation Node to display the player's result with the Outro Panel Node.

Above in the open Scenario Canvas appears the Node Sequence required to display the players result as shown in the Outrol Panel below.

Identifying Assets When You Create

To access the Identify Action App when you Create, simply select the Fingerprint icon located on your XR Watch interface. Once your app is open, simply choose an Identifier by browsing through the various icons via your controller's touchpad radial menu. To make a selection, use the toggle switch to apply the identifier to a specific asset.

Identifying Assets When You Play

To Identify assets when you Play, simply use your gaze or pointer to scan assets in your Space. As you scan, you'll notice Identifiable assets are highlighted. To Identify an asset, simply hover over the asset using your gaze and press down on the controller trackpad to confirm.


Removing Identifiers When You Play and Create

To remove an Identifier from an Identified asset, simply hover over the Identifier while ensuring that the selected Identifier is identical to the one you want to remove, and confirm by pressing down on the controller touchpad or joystick. Doing so will remove the Identifier from the selected asset.