Importing Assets to Collections

Read closely, because this is very import-ant! πŸ˜‚

Import new assets to add to your existing StellarX Collections. 

Easily import new assets to your Collections so that you can personalize your Collection Packs. The process is rather simple. Follow the steps enumerated below and you'll be ready to go in no time!

1. First, gather the 3D assets you'd like to import into StellarX and make sure that your asset files are saved in the right format:

⭐️ If you're importing assets that you've purchased online, make sure your assets have been acquired from trustworthy sources such as SketchFab or Poly Pizza.

2. Once that's done, go to your StellarX Save location, which is generally located here:


3. Next, go to the Packs folder:


And, you'll notice that a new folder has been created, named: External 

4. Then, place the assets you would like to import into the Imported folder. 

⭐️ We recommend storing each model in its own folder as shown below:

Importing additional texture

Any additional texture can be imported to StellarX by simply placing it into the folder containing the GLTF files.

In order for StellarX to apply the metallic texture to your model, it needs to be explicitly placed in the folder as a ​PNG​ file that contains the word "m​etallic​" in its name.

Where to find imported assets

Once your assets are imported into your Imported Collections, you can launch StellarX and immerse yourself in your favorite Space to Create with your new asset Collections. Simply look for the Collection Pack named "Imported" as it will contain all of your new assets. 🀩 Ready to Play?

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Import Limitations

StellarX only allows up to 512 imported assets per Collection. Assets beyond this limit will not be loaded by the application.

⚠️ Importing many complex objects may also result in performance issues.