Importing Media Assets 🎢 🎬 πŸ“ πŸ–Ό

β€œThe artist is always engaged in writing a detailed history of the future because he is the only person aware of the nature of the present.”
- Marshall McLuhan

Importing media assets will help bring your Space to life!

As you know, it's possible to import assets of all types to personalize your StellarX Spaces. However, different asset types require different formats, especially in the case of Media Assets, which include Audio, Text, Video, and Images. 

Below we've outlined the steps to follow for each.  

Importing Audio Assets 🎢

When you Create, you can easily import audio files and sound clips to make your Space more dynamic and authentic in feel. Audio assets can be placed within your Space or integrated to a Scenario you are building. 

1. First, copy the audio files you would like to import in the following folder: Documents\StellarX\Saves\Packs\External\Media 

2. Once they're in the right folder, launch StellarX and you'll have access to new audio files in your media collection. They will be visually represented as audio spheres, that can be placed within the Space with the same names as the files in your folder.

3. When you place an audio asset in your Space, you can Remix its properties, such as 3D Sound Spatialization and Spatialization Radius, to personalize the sound behavior. 

Audio Asset Requirements

  • The audio file must be in a WAV (.wav, .wave) or OGG (.ogg) format. Unfortunately, MP3/4 files are not supported due to licensing.
  • The combined audio file size must not exceed 500 MB.
  • Each Collection Pack is limited to 96 assets. Therefore, any files that exceed this number will not be shown.

Importing Visual Assets 🎬 πŸ–Ό (Coming Soon)

Importing Textual Assets πŸ“ (Coming Soon)