Mechanical Assets β›“ 

"If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don't understand quantum mechanics." - Richard P. Feynman πŸ›° 

Understanding Mechanical assets. 

Mechanical assets are designed for spatial interaction.

In many ways, Mechanical assets are very similar to the 3D Assets found in your Collections, however, they are composed of interactive properties and have their own distinct behavior. Moreover, unlike 3D Assets, Mechanical assets are dynamic. 

In fact, Mechanical assets are virtually interactive model representations designed to enhance your StellarX Experiences. More precisely, Mechanical assets involve interaction between humans and the virtual model, or even between virtual assets themselves. 

You see, just like humans, assets are composed of diverse properties, which define their visual form, composition, shape, as well as inform their behavior in context. In some cases, assets may be more dynamic while others may be static; some may contain Physical properties, while others not. Each is unique, as are the interaction models.

As such, these spatial representations may include machinery, buttons, switches, appliances, or devices. In other words, such assets require assembly, adjusting settings, or, in some cases, a connection to a scenario-building system to function. 

✨ To learn more about how to assemble and Remix these assets, read up on our Scenario Canvas and you'll be all set to create some magic!  

For instance, you may want to use a doorbell in your Experience so that whenever somebody presses down onto the doorbell button, the bell rings and a light flashes to indicate somebody is at the door. πŸšͺ πŸ”” 

Another example of a Mechanical Asset is demonstrated below in an experience that involves turning a Wheel. 

✨ Notice how the wheel turns based on the rotational properties selected by the Creator.

In short, Mechanical Assets provide Creators and Players with an interactive dynamic that's simple and intuitively designed. Empowering Players to experience engineered concepts in a hands-on manner is by far the best way to understand the various forces at play within your immersive Space, and learn a new skill with ease. 

Mechanical Assets are stored safely in your Collections, in the Mechanical Asset Pack, so that they're readily accessible while you Create an awesome Experience to Play


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