Media Assets 🎬 🎢 πŸ–Ό

 "The medium is the massage." - Marshal McLuhan πŸ“Ί 

Understanding media assets.

Media assets are diverse in shape, form, and function. Essentially, they're used to enhance your StellarX experience and can make your immersive skill-building scenarios all the more interactive.

Media asset types include the following:

  • Audible Assets πŸ”Š 🎢 
  • Visual Assets πŸ–Ό 🎬 
  • Textual Assets πŸ“ πŸ›£

Audible Assets πŸ”Š 🎢 

Spatial audio assets are audible sound clips that can be placed in your Spaces to create ambient sounds. In other words, as in real life, spatial audio assets adapt according to notions of space and time to make immersive Experiences as realistic as possible. They add to the overall feel and mood of the Space and are quite useful when it comes to setting the scene, which helps keep virtual contexts as authentic as possible.

For instance, the placement of multiple sound sources might amplify noise; yet, if obstructed by 3D model assets within the same Space, may sound more muffled, distant, or faded depending on the location of the person hearing the sound. 

Other types of audio can be used to guide the Player through the Space, or even provide them with additional input, instructions, information, or cues. Sound can be used to help Players navigate through the space. For instance, let's say your Space reflects a kitchen area in which Players are tasked with identifying a plumbing issue. You might place a sound source near the faucet, such as water dripping, to direct the immersed person.   

Audio assets may include the following:

  • Sound clips
  • Sound Effects
  • Music

Visual Assets πŸ–Ό 🎬

In addition, Visual Assets may be used to guide, direct, or provide a Player with additional information about what is expected by them within the Space or how to proceed as they immerse themselves in a scenario.

Visual assets may include the following:

  • Images
  • Icons
  • Videos 
  • GIF

Textual Assets πŸ“ πŸ›£ (Coming Soon) 

Textual Assets can also be used to guide, instruct, direct, or provide a Player with additional information that may be needed in order to complete a given scenario. Some examples include signage, text boxes, chat bubbles, hints, or even clues. 

Importing Media Assets 

Since different asset types come in different formats we invite you to read the following article to learn about the specificities of type: Importing Media Assets