Play 🎲

It's all fun and games, right? πŸŽ²

Understanding the Play Experience

Play allows you to interact with Spaces and assets.

When you Play you can enjoy StellarX Experiences like never before! Explore more and interact with Spaces and physical assets around you. To make your Play Experience as enjoyable as possible, we've equipped you with the bare minimum so that you can rely on simple and intuitive gesture-based Actions and focus on the fun Experience at hand!

Since playing involves moving assets around and changing the Space, it's important to note that any modifications made when you Play will be reset once you Swap back to Create or Leave the Space altogether. In other words, any assets moved or displaced during Play will be put back into place, exactly where they belong. You make the mess; we'll do the cleaning! πŸ˜‰   

✨ Share your Space with others when you Play, and experience your Spaces in new ways! To learn more about about shared Spaces, check out our Multiplayer article

Play Actions 

⭐️ To Swap from one Experience to another, read the introductory Experience article