Remix 🎚

Will it blend? That is the question. πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ³

Understanding the Remix Quick Action

Remix allows you to modify properties.

When you Create, the Remix Quick Action allows you to modify properties so that you can customize your assets, your Space, as well as interactions within your Scenario

⭐️ Properties are spatial details and characteristics attributed to your Space and assets. Properties can relate to the state and composition of assets, the terrain, as well as affect the interactive nature of each. 

To access properties, simply select whatever it is you'd like to Remix, then open up the Quick Actions menu by placing your thumb on your controller trackpad or on the joystick of your controller.

For Desktop Mode, simply select whatever it is you'd like to Remix and press Ctrl + left click.

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With the properties panel open, you'll have access to the modifiable properties so that you can Remix to heart's content.

Properties you can currently Remix include:

⭐️ Not sure where to find Quick Actions on your controller? Browse our XR devices & hardware section to understand how your controller is mapped to StellarX.