Resize πŸ¦ŽπŸ¦–

A little bit bigger or much, much smaller? 🦎 πŸ¦–

Understanding the Resize Action

Resize allows you to adjust the size of an asset in Space.

When you Manipulate assets, the Resize Action allows you to change the dimension of assets in your Space so that you can Create with ease. 

To do so, press down on both triggers of your controllers and use an elbow rotation gesture to move your controllers inwards or outwards. Repeat this gesture until you've reached your desired size.

Moving your arms in an outward motion will make your asset larger meanwhile moving your arms in an inward motion will make your asset smaller.



⭐️ Not sure about how to perform this Action? Browse our XR devices & hardware section to understand how your controller is mapped to StellarX.