Safety ⛑

Safety first. Better safe than sorry! ❤️⛑

Safety First

Tips to consider before getting started

To make sure you’re getting the most of your StellarX Space, here are some helpful tips we believe will make your Experience more enjoyable:

  • Position yourself in a way that allows for movement.
  • Secure and tighten your controller wrist straps.
  • Avoid using VR while impaired by drugs or alcohol.
  • Stop immediately if you experience any motion sickness, discomfort, or pain.

Making Room

If you're using VR devices or hardware to run StellarX, make sure you have enough space to work in without bumping into objects around you. Whether you're sitting or standing, remember that certain Virtual Reality applications and functionalities involve making gestures. Recommendations will vary according to your preferred posture and physical space.  

  • If you prefer standing, give yourself a 5-meter perimeter diameter around yourself for safety. Be sure to clear your space and move any potentially hazardous items around you away, such as wooden chairs, lamps, coffee tables... We wouldn't want you stubbing your toe or bumping into a chair--Ouch! 😰
  • If you prefer sitting, give yourself at least an arm's-length in width around yourself for safety. 

⭐️ In either case, remove your headgear before standing up or moving around.


In most cases, using VR hardware and devices requires sensors designed to visualize your physical space, track your body movements, track physical objects, as well as your VR controllers. To get the most of your StellarX Experience, here are a few basic recommendations: 

  • Steer clear of transparent or reflective surfaces whenever possible to prevent any sensor interferences.
  • Consider working in a quiet space with little to no movement to avoid any sensory disruptions. 
  • Work in a space that is bright and has ample lighting.