Scenario Canvas

Enjoy the best case scenario, or face the worst case scenario. It's your choice. πŸŽ­

The Scenario Canvas allows you to build personalized Scenarios within your Space.

When you Create, the Scenario Canvas is a virtual workspace that allows you to design an immersive experience for yourself to enjoy, or to challenge others if you have StellarX Enterprise.

By Linking various Nodes together in the Scenario Canvas, Creators can bring their Space to life with dynamic and life-like training scenarios and situations. Plus, sequences and events can be triggered in specific contexts as well as in response to Player interactions. 

⭐️ To understand what Nodes are and how they work, read the Node article.

The Scenario Canvas is accessible via the Remix Panel when you Create. To make the Scenario Canvas appear, simply press on the icon located in the top left-hand corner of the panel.

Plus, since you can Grab the Scenario Canvas, you can place it within reach and in a way that's comfortable for you as you bring your ideas to life. 
From there you can begin building your personalized Scenario experiences.

⭐️ To learn more about Scenarios and how to build your own, read our Scenarios article.