Spaces πŸ”­

"Space is to place as eternity is to time." - Joseph Joubert πŸ”­ 

Spaces are virtual realms you can create and customize.

StellarX empowers you to Experience Spaces like never before. Create new Spaces, explore hidden realms, and share them with your friends or even otherworldly beings. 

To access your Spaces go to your Base Camp



Create a New Space

First off, access Spaces in your Base CampOnce inside, hover over and select the New Space button. 


Then, using the virtual keyboard, press down on the character keys to enter a name for your new Space. 

✨ Remember: special characters and spaces are not recommended for titles.  
When you're all done, select the check mark βœ… to confirm you're finished, or press on the  ❌ to cancel.


Renaming Spaces

It's also possible to rename your Spaces right from within your Basecamp for extra customization.

To do so, simply select the Space you would like to rename using your virtual controller pointer. Once the Space Information panel appears to the left of the central StellarX logo, use your virtual controller pointer to hover over the Space name and press down to confirm. Upon doing so, the virtual keyboard along with a floating box will appear in your field of vision, containing the input field that you may now edit to rename your space. Once you've finished renaming your Space, simply select the checkmark icon to confirm the new name, and the box and virtual keyboard will disappear. Take a look at the video below for an example:

✨ It's important to note that that it is not possible to rename the original Templates. 

Space Templates

To make your creative process all the easier, we've packaged some Template Spaces that you can use to get a head start on building your own Spaces. 

Template Spaces provide you with a more context-specific environment to build off of for your own experience. Template Spaces can always be found in the Spaces carousel, and are labelled as Templates so that you can easily find them. 

When you select a Template Space, you'll be asked to name your new Space so that it can be saved amongst your other Spaces. As such, the new Space you've created can be found in the Spaces carousel.