Start Point 👇🏾

Your future starts here! 🔮👇🏾 

Understanding the Start Point

The Start Point refers to the place in Space and position where your experience begins. 

The Start Point allows you to quickly orient yourself in an optimal position any time you swap Experiences to Preview mode, launch a new Experience, or revisit an existing one in Play mode.  

The Start Point asset can be found in your Collections in the Experience Assets Pack when you Create. Since the Start Point is an Experience Asset, it can be placed and oriented as you wish in your Space and is used to determine where a Player will be placed upon launching your personalized Experience. 

To use the Start Point, first go to your Collections, then open the Experience Assets Pack.

Once it's open, select the Start Point asset and place it wherever you'd like the Play Experience to begin. Make sure you position the Start Point in the direction you'd like Player to be in.

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⭐️ Remember, since the Start Point is an Experience Asset it cannot be Remixed or Scaled, and keep in mind that Quick Actions will no longer function.

⭐️ Also, keep in mind that the Start Point is not visible to Players enjoying your immersive Play Experience.    

Virtual Controller > Virtual Control Panel > Collections > Experience Pack > Start Point