Tools πŸ› 

This is not a drill. πŸ”¨

Tools are interactive assets.

In fact, tools allow players to interact with the environment in new ways. For instance, players may use a Drill to tighten bolts on aircraft equipment, or use a pry bar to turn a wheel. In essence, they allow for life-like, hands-on interaction to occur in an immersive context. They are particularly useful for creators looking to create immersive skill-building experiences or training scenarios, as they allow for an authentic sequence of events to unfold, naturally.  

How to create a Tool

In order to create a Tool, creators must modify the asset Properties via the Nodes contained in the Scenario Canvas, which can be accessed with the Remix Action.

More specifically, the creator must link a "Set as Tool" Node to the asset's Reference Node. The "Set as Tool" Node can be found in the Behavior Nodes Menu, as shown below:



As a player, once the "Set as Tool" Node Properties have been modified, you'll notice that the asset will behave slightly differently than the other assets in your Space. For instance, whenever hovering over a Tool, it will Snap to your hand in a comfortable way, and a ghosted silhouette of the Tool will appear in the Tool's predefined spatial position.

To release the tool from your hand, simply hover over the ghosted Tool silhouette, and the tool will Snap back into place. In doing so, you'll notice the ghosted silhouette will disappear.