Trigger Zones 🎯

Enter the zone! 🎯

Trigger Zones cause an event or situation to occur in Space.

Trigger Zones are Experience Assets that allow you to trigger events in specific places, at specific moments, based on specific Player interactions. In other words, they tie the people, places, and things inside your Space, together. In fact, Trigger Zones are instrumental to keeping immersive experiences as interactive as possible, all while keeping them as natural as possible. 
They're especially useful for Creators looking to design immersive-skill building experiences with our Scenario Canvas as they can make any learning and evaluation situation authentic and contextually relevant. However...

To use the Trigger Zones, first go to your Collections, then open the Experience Assets Pack. 

Once it's open, select the Trigger Zones asset and place it wherever you'd like to trigger something. 

⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ 
Since our scenario-building canvas is still a work in progress, we do not recommend removing assets that are associated to Nodes as your Scenario may no longer be functional. However, the Scenario Sequence will still be visible in your Scenario Canvas, but will require fixing. 


Create > Control Panel > Collections > Experience Assets 
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