Late September 2022

Who is that guy? Is it me? Is it you? Or are those our avatars?!

Hello StellarX creators! πŸ‘‹πŸ½

It's time to be fool present in the metaverse. It's time when reality meets virtuality. Welcome to human-kind avatars. 


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    New Features πŸ’«

    • Come check out our new Avatars! Select your Avatar from a diverse selection and enjoy a truly immersive experience by joining Multiplayer sessions with your friends and coworkers!
      • Moreover, we reworked the Voice Spatialization by ensuring audio sources are correctly aligned with the new Avatars and optimizing spatialized audio thresholds to make your conversations more captivating and enjoyable.
      • Finally, we combined the Voice feature with the new Avatars by adding voice recognition so that your Avatar lip syncs what you say! You will now be able to see each others talking during Multiplayer sessions. 

    Improvements πŸ‘πŸ»

    • We added a Settings Panel to your Canvas so that you can easily remix your Canvas parameters. This feature will also allow us to customize and add more features to the Canvas in the future. Stay tuned!

    Bug Fixes 🐞

    • Fixed an issue where downloading one of your own Space would not load the Space media correctly.
    • Fixed an issue where a downloading Space preview was not displaying the correct Space.
    • Fixed an issue where canceling the download of a Space would prevent you from downloading it a second time.
    • Fixed an issue where duplicating a downloaded Space would make its Media Panels unplayable and its media invisible.
    • Fixed an issue where imported assets would have offset bounding boxes.
    • Fixed a UI issue where texts in Audio Sphere Remix Panel would overlap with each other.
    • Fixed an issue with the Glow Node were glowing an asset twice in a row would instead multiply the glow intensity.
    • Fixed an issue where you would be able to input negative values in the Glow Node.
    • Fixed an issue where the size of your Space would not be calculated properly by excluding external media.
    • Fixed an issue with Media Panel play button where it would not reset when a media finishes playing and was not set to either Autoplay or Loop.

    HubSpot Video
    So, get fancy,wear your coolest outfit; we are going into the metaverse. Ready?



    - The StellarX Crew ✨