Early June 2019

Hey there, 👋🏻 

Hope you're enjoying the sunshine that's been peering through the clouds these past days. Isn't it nice to finally have some fun in the sun! ☀️

This past Sprint we got around to squashing a bunch of bugs for you. Here's what went down:

Improvements 👍🏾

  • Better management of new Spaces.
  • New Empty Space.

Bug Fixes 🐞

  • Fixed the bug that made your assets flicker when they were Gazed or Grabbed.
  • Fixed a bug that reset your pointer length on one frame whenever you hovered 3d assets.
  • Fixed a bug that made the asset overlay appear even after it had been Removed. 
  • Fixed the small lag that occurred when opening Collection Packs.

That's all for this Sprint, but as per usual, keep your eyes out for more updates!

Talk to you again in two weeks time. 


- The StellarX Crew✨