Mid September 2019

Hi again, friends!

We're back again with some awesome updates for you. Here's what you can now expect:

New Features πŸ’«

  • Asset properties can now be edited in the Remix panel.
  • We now support SteamVR Knuckles EV3 controllers. 
  • Scenario Canvas Node labels are visible! πŸ‘€

Improvements πŸ‘πŸΎ

  • The Scenario Canvas can now be grabbed.
  • The virtual keyboard has been redesigned to enhance the writing experience and improve scenario edition.
  • Visual hands-on tools for better immersion.
  • The "Save As" menu button in the Base Camp is now disabled when no current space is loaded.
  • We've upgraded our old StellarX Spaces for a better overall experience. If StellarX comes across an unsupported Space, we'll notify you.

Bug Fixes 🐞

  • Fixed the issue that resulted in a performance drop whenever the canvas was opened and closed.

 That's all for now dear friends! Stay tuned for more updates in two weeks time. As per usual, keep on creating and keep on playing! πŸŽ‰


- The StellarX Crew ✨