Mid May 2022

It can be tricky in the Metaverse to talk with your teammates🀐. Therefore, the StellarX team has created a new feature to speak clearly πŸ“’. Check it out.

Hi everyone! πŸ‘‹πŸ½

    New Features πŸ’«

    • We are happy to announce the release of our VoIP feature for every Multiplayer user! When entering a Space in a Multiplayer Session, Voice communications will be activated by default, but your own microphone will be muted. Access your Shortcut Menu and toggle the Mute/Unmute button to start enjoying spatialized communications with your teammates.

    Improvements πŸ‘πŸ»

    • We added a Color Module to our Particle Effect assets. You can now change the color of your particles within your Space and enjoy a whole new layer of customization.

    Bug Fixes 🐞

    • Fixed a weird and rare issue where going in a Multiplayer Session would set some assets as physical.
    • Fixed a bug where water would sometimes render over other UI elements.
    • Fixed a bug where the progress bar and the cancel button would not show up while downloading a Space.
    • Fixed an issue where, in VR, the pointer would go through UI panels in the Basecamp.

    We have a lot more coming up that we cannot wait to show you, so stay tuned for future updates!


    - The StellarX Crew ✨